About us

Harefield Embroidery is a small family run business that specialises in the embroidery of garments for School, Work, Leisure, Uniform and Masonic Regalia.
We can supply just about any make of school clothing, work wear or sports wear as we work with all of the major wholesalers in the UK.
We also work with some overseas manufacturers and can supply various items of Masonic Regalia that we stock locally, so if you're "without" and need something for your upcoming meeting, we may well be able to help.
Although we are small, our prices are competitive and you will benefit from dealing directly with the business owners. We can also digitise & programme our own machines, keeping everything in house and our costs down. Typically an embroidery design will cost around £50 setup which most companies would have to cost into their prices or pass on to the customer.
Because we can do this ourselves, we can keep the setup costs down. We took a break for around 8 years from the embroidery business and have recently started back up again. This is because we were trying to run large machines from home and having a small child in the house was not ideal. We also had the chance to start up a pre-school which took priority at the time. The school is now doing well and we felt it was time to return to our embroidery.
So here we are.
Callers: We do not mind collection in person, but this must be by appointment.
We hope that you appreciate our transparentness and decide to use our services. You will not be disappointed.
Pete S.